We're back with another free content update for Gunheart! This time around we've added bunch of new weapon and rig mods, plus early support for local play.

Here's what's new:

Features + Tweaks + Bug Fixes!

  • Local play! You now have the option on startup to play locally using the same shared profile as when you're playing online with others
  • Golden skins have been added for players with waaaaay to much earned cash to spend
  • Prestige system added which enabled further leveling past the level 25 cap with extra ways to distinguish your bounty hunter prowess in-game
  • New mutator 'Mayhem': when available in missions will force equip players with akimbo chainguns
  • Lone Wolf: extra life cannisters are now replaced with extra loot cannisters
  • Addressed several issues with death discs that were causing them to have inconsistent ranges and behavior
  • Players can no longer use foam hands to surf into the sky
  • Death screen is now smarter about facing the player regardless of camera angle, and also handles being embedded in geometry better
  • Clear the buzzbags objective sometimes weren't cancelling reinforcements, causing further rooms to not function correctly
  • Infestation objectives reworked so that clearing the egg sacks is instrumental to completing the objective
  • Numerous issues related to AI physics have been resolved, reducing the frequencies of AI snapping back or sliding after being launched/knocked over
  • Solo score leaderboard added to the shooting range for players in addition to the existin group score leaderboard
  • Dhinos have been updated to work more in-line with intended design and fix many of the sliding/popping issues commonly present before
  • Anthromite cloaking ability has been fixed, expect to see them in weekly missions along with the end waves of Horde
  • Several optimizations have been added to reduce the CPU overhead with large amounts of projectiles and enemies.

New Rig Mods!

  • Batter Up: Increase melee damage/knockback when using the bats with a small shield boost
  • Retribution: Reflect a percentage of damage received back to the attackers
  • Mad Bomber: Leave behind a prox mine upon teleport

New Weapon Mods!

  • Bullet Refund: Landing a kill will return bullets directly back into your clip
  • No Scope: Turn the sniper rifle into a classic rail gun
  • Prox Mines: Minecaster mines now detonate based on proximity to enemies or after a fixed duration
  • Money Clip: Chaingun now consumes money instead of ammo, and never overheats!
  • Explosive Arrows: Equip the bow with explosive arrows to unleash some sweet AOE damage on groups of Anthromites

Existing Mod Tweaks:

  • Vision: Will now highlight buzzbags
  • Vampire: Health/shield regen is now applied over time instead of instantly

New Control Options:

  • Invert mouse Y added for mouse+keyboard players
  • (VR) Strafe speed slider added to reduce the default movement speed
  • (VR/Vive) Option for turn on click instead of using swipe gestures added

Jump in our official discord to chat with us and let us know what you'd like to see next for Gunheart. Thanks everyone!