Hey y'all,

Can you believe it’s almost been a whole month since Gunheart released? Let’s celebrate with a bunch of cool new stuff! What stuff? This stuff:

  • Horde Mode Battle through three different rooms, each with five increasingly difficult waves of Anthromites. Enjoy dying at the hands of enemies imbued with extra damage and other fun mutators (that stack!). If you manage to get through the gauntlet there will of course be some sweet loot waiting on the other side. Like everything in Gunheart, bring some friends along for extra fun (and because you’ll want someone to revive you)
  • Rig Paint Jobs. In addition to customizing hats and faces, you can now customize your rig color. We went full on automaker with this once and came up with names for color combinations that make almost no sense. My favorite colors right now are Nacho and Hawk. Hey, while you’re over there getting a new coat of paint, you might as well throw on a few …
  • Rig Mods!  That’s right. They’re not just for guns anymore. Just like with guns, there are multiple tiers of rig mods, and things can get pretty crazy once you unlock some ultras. Increased air control is like falling with style, but Ultra increased air control is pretty much flying. Play around and find your favorites.
  • Lone Wolf Difficulty.  “Elite mode is too easy!” Okay, so pretty much no one has actually said that, but we’re doing this anyway. Take elite mode, make the enemies tougher, don’t let friends join, and you’ve got lone wolf mode. Enjoy, sadists. Oh, you’ll need to 3 star a mission before you see this pop up as an option.
  • Completely New Movement System. You can now strafe over a lot more terrain and obstacles than you could before. You’ll also find that Planet Fortune features fewer tripping hazards that you’re rig will get stuck on. Also, air control has been boosted so you can finesse those tricky jumps. Throw on the air control rig mod and you’ll get even more!
  • PVP Balance and New Features.  We’ve made a balance pass on the weapons. Most notable change was a nerf to the pistols who were a bit too effective at killing folks across the map. The carbines got a little love and a buff to go with the love. Full-auto mods will now negatively impact damage a little more than they did before. New PVP health system! You’ll now have less of it by default, but you can pick up armor and shields around the map. With pick-ups, you can even get some extra to have an overshield.
  • New Enemy Behaviors. 
    • The way enemies spawn into each room has been updated. You’ll find a lot less instances of guys trickling in. They’ll also spawn a bit closer to you so you won’t have to backtrack to the start of a room to find stragglers.
    • Buzzkills do more than just annoy you now. They’ll eventually get tired of you ignoring them and they’ll dive bomb you and blow up. Don’t fret, buzzkill lifespans are very short anyway.
    • Dhino projectiles will now leave a … substance … where they land which makes that area uninhabitable for a while.
    • Zombugs are tougher, but removing their limbs will help take them down.