Can you believe Gunheart has already been out for 2 months? They grow up so fast, and Gunheart has certainly been growing!

These are just a few of the features we’ve added to the game since launch:

  • Local Play Mode: Do you believe that true glory is reserved only for those that enter the battlefield alone? Don't want those other pesky bounty hunters bothering you with their "friendship" and "cooperation." Then we've got a mode for you!
  • Horde Mode: Battle 15 increasingly difficult waves of enemies across 3 open battlefields! Enemies get new modifiers to make them even tougher, but tons of loot and money await those who can run the gauntlet!
  • More Gun Mods! You said, "We love gun mods!" We said, "Okay, here's some more!"
  • Rig Mods! You said, "We love gun mods!" We said, "Why just guns?"
  • New Movement System. Totally revamped our locomotion system to make navigation as smooth as possible for VR and desktop players. Strafe + Jump + Teleport work together to provide a fluid experience.
  • More Control Options. Click to turn: check. Inverted mouse: check. Air control: check. Improved click detection on Vive controllers: check. VR strafe speed slider: check.
  • Lone Wolf Mode. As if Elite mode wasn't hard enough already, now you've got to do it by yourself.
  • New Customization Options. Now you can customize the color of your rig, and those of you who have managed to max out your rigs get cool new title cards to show off.


So to celebrate, Gunheart is 25% off this week on both the Oculus and Steam stores!

To see the full list of all the new stuff we've released since launch, check out our June Update and our July Update.

Gunheart on Steam

Gunheart on Oculus