Hey y’all,

We are excited to bring our first post-launch content update to all Gunheart players in July! There will be a ton of new content in this one. Take a look below to see some of it. Plus, if you hop into the alphastaging build of the game today, you’ll be able to check out a lot of these features before the full update is released next week!

Not sure how to join alphastaging? It’s easy!

  1. Go to your Steam library and right click on Gunheart. It’s the game you play the most so it should be easy to find.
  2. Select Properties down at the bottom there
  3. Go to the Betas tab even if you personally are an alpha
  4. In that first dropdown, choose alphastaging.
  5. Play the alphastaging build and check out cool new stuff before all your friends.
  6. Potentially find that one of the guns or features is way overpowered.
  7. Message me personally so that I may use it against my coworkers before Ray fixes it. Discord is a great place to tell me about this kind of stuff.
  • Note: alphastaging is its own separate build of the game, so your profile in alphastaging is separate from the one in public. This means all the guns and loot you earn in one will not go to the other. Alphastaging is great for hoping in to test out new features, but you’ll want to do most of your Gunhearting in public.


What were we talking about?

Oh yeah. New stuff. Here’s some of it:

  • Rig Mods. Mods aren’t just for guns anymore! Rig mods give you awesome new abilities, and like gun mods, there are multiple tiers from common to ultra. I’ve got to tell ya, some of these ultra rig mods are just ridiculous.
  • Movement overhaul. We’ve changed the core player movement to get rid of all snags so you can now freely move about everywhere in the world.  We’ve also boosted air control to give you more opportunity to finesse those tricky jumps.
  • Horde Mode!
  • Lone Wolf difficulty. You’ll need to get 3 stars on a mission for this to pop up as an option.
  • PVP updates! New weapon balances (shoot people across the map with the pistol while you still can). New health system for PVP including pickups for additional armor and shields.
  • Rig paint jobs!
  • Lots more!