Tuning and Adjustments
• A Gala account is now required to play. The game is now accessible through the Gala website, and it's using an early version of our new patcher/launcher. Bonus: your in-game name is now your Gala display name instead of your PC name!
• Updated player progression flow in the bar. Juice no longer has to be manually inserted, but is proximity based.
• Updated skill trees for all characters
• Difficulty tuning
• Weapon tuning
• UI updates
• Updated some enemy and player animations
• Updated some VFX
• Multi-region matchmaking added so you’re more likely to be paired with someone on the same part of the planet as you.

Bug Fixes
• Updated melee behavior to more often swing in the direction you expect
• Spamming the perk button no longer gives you all the perks!
• Updated some errant dialogue and added a few new lines for the Bartender
• Vaulting into places and getting stuck shouldn’t happen as often
• Players should no longer get stuck in a falling animation
• Fire Jump will no longer sometimes send you to space
• Lots and lots of other small things!

OS: 64bit processor/OS (windows 10)
Memory: 8gb RAM
CPU: AMD ryzen 5 2600 / Intel i5-7500
GPU: AMD radeon rx 590 or NVidia GeForce GTX 1070
Storage: 10gb free disk space