• Starting Armor decreased to 15 from 25

• Taunting enemies now feeds Renegades “Taunt Total”
• Taunt Duration increased to 3 seconds on all Taunt Skills
• Taunt Skills now increase number of enemies that can be taunted rather than increase duration
Life of the Party’s damage reduction is no longer capped. Damage reduction per taunted enemy reduced
Harsh Taunts now makes taunted enemies take more damage instead of applying flat damage when taunt is applied

• Starting Armor decreased to 10 from 25
• Starting Health decreased to 15 from 25
• Overdrive now removes your active weapons hip fire penalty, making it much more accurate

• Starting Weapon changed to Scoped Pistol (previously Pistol)
• Weapon Upgrade changed to DMR (previously Scoped Pistol)
Highground now requires ADS and Weapon Damage to call in the satellite laser
Tracking Beam’s speed bonus greatly increased!

• Starting Weapon changed to **Scoped Pistol **(previously DMR)
Hit Streak now builds on any consecutive hit and clears on miss
Hit Streak damage boost tuned to 0.5/1/2% per Hit Streak
Carryover now maintains Hit Streak on miss instead of target change

• 2 Ways to Play
o Quick Play - Match make with other players
o Private Match - Play alone or with your friends!
• Discord Integration added! Invite your friends directly through Discord

• Twice the missions, twice the powers
• New boss, maps, weapons, enemies, and more!!!
o New boss: Brute Force
o New maps: Hero Dome and Bunker
o New power set: Force
o New weapons: Plasma Rifle, Burst Rifle, Grenade Launcher, Plasma Shotgun, Tripleshot, Deployers
o New enemies: Basic Scrap, Sticky Exploders, Slime Scrap, Troopers, Healer Drone
o New Pustule Hunt missions
o New items: Deployer Ammo Module, Deployer Armor Module, Deployer Recon Module, Stabilizer
• Taught Backbone some new tricks
• General weapon balance and tuning