• Mission length increased to 9 rooms! Even more power awaits!
• New Mini-Boss, maps, powers, and more!
o New mini-boss: Wind-Up
o New maps: Rubble and Power Station
o Added Xeno powers + new Ice, Fire, and Force powers!
o Weapons: LMG, Megasword, Heavy Repeater, Railgun, Auto shotgun, Plasma Turret, Laser Turret, Rocket Turret, Scatter Beam Turret, Shotgun Turret, Superior Shotgun, Superior DMR, Superior SMG, Mag Rifle, Charge Lance
o New bad guys: Super Scrap, Slime Exploder, Headshot, Invader, Heartburn
o New Mission: Turret Defense
o New upgrades: Dash Reload, Fresh Rounds, Mud Bath
• Taught Brute Force some new tricks
• Removed Health Regeneration outside of the bar
• Changed Slime damage to sit on your Armor bar. Slime damage can be removed with the Slime Scrubber station in the bar.
• General weapon balance and tuning

New Feature: Gigs and Goals!
• Daily Gigs give you something to chase every day to gain a little boost of XP for your characters!
o Gig rerolls can be obtained from hunting Supers. Run out of gigs, or hit one you really don’t want to do? Just reroll them!
• Goals are more long-term challenges that each character can chase to propel them to higher levels!

New Mode: Challenge
Collect Challenge Keys from hunting Supers, and use them to compete against your friends and other players on regularly rotating leaderboards. Each challenge is fixed with special mutators added to the enemies, making them more dangerous than normal. Speed and kills are key to dominating the leaderboard!


• Added new Archetype: Trickster and the flagship character Murmur
• Added automatic scaling for character’s health and armor up to level 30
• Updated skill trees to have more clearly defined build paths.
• A mess of new skills!

• Base stats increased to 20 Armor and 50 Health
• Removed 50% max Overshield Cap from all characters
• Energizing Kills triggers on any close kill, increased Overshield gained from 2 to 5
• Energy Efficient now reduces damage Overshield takes instead of increasing decay time
• Energized Pickups Overshield increased from 5 to 10
• New Skill: Stored Energy - Your Overshield no longer decays. Effects all players.
• New Skill: Adrenaline Rush - Whenever you gain Overshield, gain a boost of Melee and Move Speed. Stacks up to 3 times.
• New Skill: Blade Mastery - Damage to your Overshield is converted into a permanent melee damage bonus. Bonus resets when you fire a weapon.
• New Skill: Kinetic Energy - Whenever you perform an empowered Dash, Melee, or Jump, gain 2 Overshield.
• Removed Bigger Battery, Cybernetic Armor, and Protector

• Base stats updated to 10 Armor and 20 Health
• Swapped Nomad’s skin with Specialist’s
• Orbital Laser’s base duration increased to a flat 2 seconds. Increased cooldown to 6 seconds from 3.
• Orbital Laser now locks enemies without armor
• New Skill: Nowhere to Run - While aiming, your Laser follows your crosshairs
• New Skill: Devastate - Your Orbital Laser is 5x larger if you trigger it with a crit
• New Skill: Leave No Trace - Your Orbital Laser deals 300% damage if you trigger it with a crit
• New Skill: Orbital Automation - While Overdrive is active, your Orbital Laser’s no longer require aiming to trigger and refresh 150% faster