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Gunheart on Sale this Week!

Can you believe Gunheart has already been out for 2 months? They grow up so fast, and Gunheart has certainly been growing!

These are just a few of the features we’ve added to the game since launch:

  • Local Play Mode: Do you believe that true glory is reserved only for those that enter the battlefield alone? Don't want those other pesky bounty hunters bothering you with their "friendship" and "cooperation." Then we've got a mode for you!
  • Horde Mode: Battle 15 increasingly difficult waves of enemies across 3 open battlefields! Enemies get new modifiers to make them even tougher, but tons of loot and money await those who can run the gauntlet!
  • More Gun Mods! You said, "We love gun mods!" We said, "Okay, here's some more!"
  • Rig Mods! You said, "We love gun mods!" We said, "Why just guns?"
  • New Movement System. Totally revamped our locomotion system to make navigation as smooth as possible for VR and desktop players. Strafe + Jump + Teleport work together to provide a fluid experience.
  • More Control Options. Click to turn: check. Inverted mouse: check. Air control: check. Improved click detection on Vive controllers: check. VR strafe speed slider: check.
  • Lone Wolf Mode. As if Elite mode wasn't hard enough already, now you've got to do it by yourself.
  • New Customization Options. Now you can customize the color of your rig, and those of you who have managed to max out your rigs get cool new title cards to show off.


So to celebrate, Gunheart is 25% off this week on both the Oculus and Steam stores!

To see the full list of all the new stuff we've released since launch, check out our June Update and our July Update.

Gunheart on Steam

Gunheart on Oculus

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Gunheart July Update Now Live

We're back with another free content update for Gunheart! This time around we've added bunch of new weapon and rig mods, plus early support for local play.

Here's what's new:

Features + Tweaks + Bug Fixes!

  • Local play! You now have the option on startup to play locally using the same shared profile as when you're playing online with others
  • Golden skins have been added for players with waaaaay to much earned cash to spend
  • Prestige system added which enabled further leveling past the level 25 cap with extra ways to distinguish your bounty hunter prowess in-game
  • New mutator 'Mayhem': when available in missions will force equip players with akimbo chainguns
  • Lone Wolf: extra life cannisters are now replaced with extra loot cannisters
  • Addressed several issues with death discs that were causing them to have inconsistent ranges and behavior
  • Players can no longer use foam hands to surf into the sky
  • Death screen is now smarter about facing the player regardless of camera angle, and also handles being embedded in geometry better
  • Clear the buzzbags objective sometimes weren't cancelling reinforcements, causing further rooms to not function correctly
  • Infestation objectives reworked so that clearing the egg sacks is instrumental to completing the objective
  • Numerous issues related to AI physics have been resolved, reducing the frequencies of AI snapping back or sliding after being launched/knocked over
  • Solo score leaderboard added to the shooting range for players in addition to the existin group score leaderboard
  • Dhinos have been updated to work more in-line with intended design and fix many of the sliding/popping issues commonly present before
  • Anthromite cloaking ability has been fixed, expect to see them in weekly missions along with the end waves of Horde
  • Several optimizations have been added to reduce the CPU overhead with large amounts of projectiles and enemies.

New Rig Mods!

  • Batter Up: Increase melee damage/knockback when using the bats with a small shield boost
  • Retribution: Reflect a percentage of damage received back to the attackers
  • Mad Bomber: Leave behind a prox mine upon teleport

New Weapon Mods!

  • Bullet Refund: Landing a kill will return bullets directly back into your clip
  • No Scope: Turn the sniper rifle into a classic rail gun
  • Prox Mines: Minecaster mines now detonate based on proximity to enemies or after a fixed duration
  • Money Clip: Chaingun now consumes money instead of ammo, and never overheats!
  • Explosive Arrows: Equip the bow with explosive arrows to unleash some sweet AOE damage on groups of Anthromites

Existing Mod Tweaks:

  • Vision: Will now highlight buzzbags
  • Vampire: Health/shield regen is now applied over time instead of instantly

New Control Options:

  • Invert mouse Y added for mouse+keyboard players
  • (VR) Strafe speed slider added to reduce the default movement speed
  • (VR/Vive) Option for turn on click instead of using swipe gestures added

Jump in our official discord to chat with us and let us know what you'd like to see next for Gunheart. Thanks everyone!

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Gunheart June Update Now Live

Hey y'all,

Can you believe it’s almost been a whole month since Gunheart released? Let’s celebrate with a bunch of cool new stuff! What stuff? This stuff:

  • Horde Mode Battle through three different rooms, each with five increasingly difficult waves of Anthromites. Enjoy dying at the hands of enemies imbued with extra damage and other fun mutators (that stack!). If you manage to get through the gauntlet there will of course be some sweet loot waiting on the other side. Like everything in Gunheart, bring some friends along for extra fun (and because you’ll want someone to revive you)
  • Rig Paint Jobs. In addition to customizing hats and faces, you can now customize your rig color. We went full on automaker with this once and came up with names for color combinations that make almost no sense. My favorite colors right now are Nacho and Hawk. Hey, while you’re over there getting a new coat of paint, you might as well throw on a few …
  • Rig Mods!  That’s right. They’re not just for guns anymore. Just like with guns, there are multiple tiers of rig mods, and things can get pretty crazy once you unlock some ultras. Increased air control is like falling with style, but Ultra increased air control is pretty much flying. Play around and find your favorites.
  • Lone Wolf Difficulty.  “Elite mode is too easy!” Okay, so pretty much no one has actually said that, but we’re doing this anyway. Take elite mode, make the enemies tougher, don’t let friends join, and you’ve got lone wolf mode. Enjoy, sadists. Oh, you’ll need to 3 star a mission before you see this pop up as an option.
  • Completely New Movement System. You can now strafe over a lot more terrain and obstacles than you could before. You’ll also find that Planet Fortune features fewer tripping hazards that you’re rig will get stuck on. Also, air control has been boosted so you can finesse those tricky jumps. Throw on the air control rig mod and you’ll get even more!
  • PVP Balance and New Features.  We’ve made a balance pass on the weapons. Most notable change was a nerf to the pistols who were a bit too effective at killing folks across the map. The carbines got a little love and a buff to go with the love. Full-auto mods will now negatively impact damage a little more than they did before. New PVP health system! You’ll now have less of it by default, but you can pick up armor and shields around the map. With pick-ups, you can even get some extra to have an overshield.
  • New Enemy Behaviors. 
    • The way enemies spawn into each room has been updated. You’ll find a lot less instances of guys trickling in. They’ll also spawn a bit closer to you so you won’t have to backtrack to the start of a room to find stragglers.
    • Buzzkills do more than just annoy you now. They’ll eventually get tired of you ignoring them and they’ll dive bomb you and blow up. Don’t fret, buzzkill lifespans are very short anyway.
    • Dhino projectiles will now leave a … substance … where they land which makes that area uninhabitable for a while.
    • Zombugs are tougher, but removing their limbs will help take them down.

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Preview the June Update Now!

Hey y’all,

We are excited to bring our first post-launch content update to all Gunheart players in July! There will be a ton of new content in this one. Take a look below to see some of it. Plus, if you hop into the alphastaging build of the game today, you’ll be able to check out a lot of these features before the full update is released next week!

Not sure how to join alphastaging? It’s easy!

  1. Go to your Steam library and right click on Gunheart. It’s the game you play the most so it should be easy to find.
  2. Select Properties down at the bottom there
  3. Go to the Betas tab even if you personally are an alpha
  4. In that first dropdown, choose alphastaging.
  5. Play the alphastaging build and check out cool new stuff before all your friends.
  6. Potentially find that one of the guns or features is way overpowered.
  7. Message me personally so that I may use it against my coworkers before Ray fixes it. Discord is a great place to tell me about this kind of stuff.
  • Note: alphastaging is its own separate build of the game, so your profile in alphastaging is separate from the one in public. This means all the guns and loot you earn in one will not go to the other. Alphastaging is great for hoping in to test out new features, but you’ll want to do most of your Gunhearting in public.


What were we talking about?

Oh yeah. New stuff. Here’s some of it:

  • Rig Mods. Mods aren’t just for guns anymore! Rig mods give you awesome new abilities, and like gun mods, there are multiple tiers from common to ultra. I’ve got to tell ya, some of these ultra rig mods are just ridiculous.
  • Movement overhaul. We’ve changed the core player movement to get rid of all snags so you can now freely move about everywhere in the world.  We’ve also boosted air control to give you more opportunity to finesse those tricky jumps.
  • Horde Mode!
  • Lone Wolf difficulty. You’ll need to get 3 stars on a mission for this to pop up as an option.
  • PVP updates! New weapon balances (shoot people across the map with the pistol while you still can). New health system for PVP including pickups for additional armor and shields.
  • Rig paint jobs!
  • Lots more!

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Gunheart 1.0 Now Live

Today marks the official end of the Early Access period! Gunheart is available to play on PC and VR (Oculus/Vive/WindowsMR) via the Steam store page and the Oculus store page.

It's been a labor of love to get the game this far and we hope people enjoy all the blood, sweat, and tears we've put into the game so far. We're excited for more people jump into the world Gunheart for the first time and we look forward to continuing to evolve this game over the coming months (and years?).

We know there are still issues for us to address, so please don't hesitate to let us know when you encounter bugs. You can talk to us directly on Discord or in the Gunheart subreddit.

Thank you for your support!

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Gunheart Release Date Announced – June 4th, 2018

We're excited to announce that Gunheart will be leaving early access and officially launching on 06/04/2018 for desktop PC, Vive, Oculus Rift, and Windows MR!

Check out the cool new logo screen:

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Gunheart April Update Now Live

Hey y'all,

We're excited to announce that the April update for Gunheart is now live! Take a look at the video below if you'd like see some of the latest content in action and meet a few of the folks who worked on it, or if words are more your thing, skip down to the bottom of the post where you'll find lots of them. As always, we'd love to here your feedback, so reach out to us via Reddit, Discord, Twitter, Facebook, and of course through the Gunheart page on Steam.



  • 3 Star mission achievements. Users can keep track of their accomplishments. Earn up to three stars for each mission by completing specific objectives including speed runs or beating the mission on elite mode.
  • You are here. A new subway map-style mission selection UI gives users a better sense of how they are progressing across Gunheart’s Planet Fortune.  No more scrolling through lists of missions guessing at how to unlock them, yay!
  • New Enemy variants!  Wider variety of the hopper enemies, including winged hoppers who will fly to give themselves a better angle in combat. Keep your eyes up!
  • Tougher money pumps! You asked, and we delivered! Tweaked the difficulty for the money pump missions.
  • More bad guys! Adjusted enemy behaviors and spawns across multiple campaign missions. Enemies will be more aggressive, they’ll deal with fast moving players better, and when and where they spawn makes more sense.  They … just … keep … coming!
  • Beating death heart! A new death screen appears upon player death including new UI and an awesome looking beating heart. It’s so pretty, you’ll want to die!
  • Get your brawl on! PVP updates!
    • Brawl is much faster paced than before. Scratch that old school deathmatch itch!
    • Completely revamped how weapon pickups work in PVP. You can now strafe over weapons and grab them automatically, and then switch weapons in the quick menu.
    • Adjusted PVP weapon spawn locations and timing.
    • Adjusted PVP weapon balance and put different mods on the weapons you’ll find there. Players will also drop weapons on death now.
    • Tuned highlighting around enemies so you can more easily spot targets
    • Updated PVP spawn behavior
    • PVP health and shield behavior has been retooled
    • Iniquitous PVP map has been infected! Check out the new look, but don’t touch that stuff … it looks gross.
  • Money kegs for everyone - money is now shared across all players, and new Gold money kegs can show up in later missions which give 3x the reward.
  • Loot room tweaks - bring your bats for some loot smashing fun, loot eggs conveniently float up for smashing, and in-world pop-up makes it much easier to see what reward you earned.
  • Elite difficulty tuned - rewards are now doubled and there are no respawns by default, so either bring a friend to revive you or hunt for those precious life kegs (or both!)
  • Multi-tool is now smarter about grabbing objects quickly in a cone in front of your hand and will prioritizing what it grabs, making it much more reliable in the heat of combat as a defensive tool.
  • Ongoing improvements and bug fixes to audio, enemy AI, and locomotion.

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New Weekly Missions Available

Just posted some new Weekly Missions! Go check out Disadvantaged and De-Ranged and Home with No Range. We played around with combat distance so you'll have to get out of your comfort zone. We're also testing the pun quality of our mission titles to see how tolerant you are. Good luck!

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April Update Sneak Peek – Seeing Stars

Hey Drifter fans,

I’m Hunter, and I’ve recently had the privilege of joining the team here at Drifter as lead producer. I’ll be helping out with our blog posts on the site until we find someone who is actually qualified. Be sure to stay tuned here for much more frequent updates about all of our projects. Reddit, Twitter, and Facebook are also great ways to keep in touch. Let’s jump right in and give you a sneak peek at some of the content we have planned for our Gunheart April update!

Games are fun, but they’re even more fun when you can prove to your friend that you’re better at it than them. Introducing a way to do that in Gunheart! The Job Goblin is getting a makeover, and as part of that, we’re adding a new three star system. Stars are earned three different ways:

  • complete the job
  • complete the job on Elite mode
  • complete the speedrun


Most of you out there should be able to get that first star pretty quickly, but you’ll find Elite mode and the speedrun to be formidable (based on the sobbing we’ve heard coming from the QA department). We’re doing a few other things to make the game more punishing fun for all of you.

  • You’ll find money pumps will be more difficult after the next release, so you better get in there now and take advantage. Soon you’ll have to earn that cash!
  • Oh and hoppers can fly now. Those enemies that have been running around with wings … they’ll use them now to shoot you better. We’ll probably keep calling them hoppers. 


Considering all the dying you’ll be doing, we updated the death sequence. How can you call your game Gunheart if there isn’t a big, awesome beating heart prominently featured on your death screen? Well you can’t, so we have that now.

Last but not least, there is a host of changes coming to PVP this month. We’re updating maps, tuning weapons, adjusting weapon locations, and a bunch of other stuff to make shooting friends and strangers alike more satisfying.

This is only the tip of the iceberg for our April update. We’ll do our usual thing and release a video when the update goes live and tell you about all the other cool stuff.

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Multitool Overview, aka let’s have fun with physics!

Brian and Kenneth take minute to chat about the the multitool which allows you to grab physical objects in Gunheart. Use objects as impromptu shields, chuck explosive barrels at pesky bad guys, or even pop the heads off enemies when they get in your face.

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